Best Freestyle Motors for 2019

Please note that this is outdated article. Click the following link to check the new and updated article regarding the best freestyle motors for 2020

Exactly an year ago I have done an article regarding the best drone motors that were back then available on the market. My initial plan was to write several quarterly articles and choose the best overall motor for each quarter, but since there wasn’t significant development on the motor scene, I have decided to wait and do another yearly article that I will, curate trough the whole year.

The goal of this article is to help you choose your newest set of fpv freestyle motors based on your preferred style of flying.

Although I own some of these motors and I already have a certain experience with them I think that the only fair way to do this kind of article is by summarizing the information and experience that I was able to find provided by fellow pilots.

The best drone motors

Please note that the motor has no particular order, so being higher on the list doesn’t mean that the particular motor is better than the others appearing lower in the list.

iFlight Xing 2206, 2207, 2208, 2306

One of the newest on the market iFlight Xing is recognizable by the unusual oval shaped modern look and the specific use of colors. This will surely make your freestyle rig look fancy. These motors are available in several different sizes and KV values. At the moment that this article was written iFlight is offering 2206, 2207, 2208 and 2306 and KV from 1700 to 2750. You will surely find the specific motor for your needs. Each size has its specific color scheme.

You can find them available on the following links:

iFlight Xing 2207
iFlight Xing 2208
iFlight Xing 2306

The single strand motor wires and overall look and quality remind me of the Brother Hobby craftsmanship and indeed they have previously worked with some other companies on producing custom branded motors, but this is the first time that they collaborate on motors and the end product is not having the specific BH look.

They look good, but do they perform as good as they look?

The short answer is yes. These motors are powerful and smooth and for the price tag from $19 to $22 I would highly recommend them.

T-Motor F40 PRO II, F60 PRO II, F80 PRO, F40 PRO III and F60 PRO III

T-Motor is proven motor manufacturer that provides high quality products for fpv freestyle and racing. They offer motors for each pilot specific needs. Although I own several sets of F40 PRO II, there is no need to say that they are better than say f60s or f80s because I have seen fellow freestyle pilots flying those models too. It is all based on the flying style and environment.

These motors are a bit on the pricier side ($26.90), and I could say that you will be able to find motors from other manufacturers that are cheaper and offer the same build quality and performance, but in this case, you are getting what you have paid for.

These motors are silky smooth with good power distribution trough the entire throttle range, so if the higher price is not a concern I would not hesitate to buy T-Motor again.

Get them here:

T-Motor F40 PRO II
T-Motor F60 PRO II
T-Motor F80

9th of January UPDATE: T-Motor released the new series of the F40 and F60 motors. You can buy them on the following links:

T-Motor F40 PRO III
T-Motor F60 PRO III

EMAX RSII and LS series

EMAX RS II and LS brushless fpv motor series

The lite LS series was created after the great success of the first RS series. All motors from the first RS series were quite heavy so following the market demands EMAX produced the LS series adding features like the naked bottom, improved axle and the redesigned lighter bell.

The RSII is the latest series and it is based on the experience gained from the previous RS and LS series and following the basic idea of having motors that are as light as possible (probably one of the lightest motors with such performance). The shaft was upgraded with a hollow titanium one and now the motors use single strand wire.

The RSII series is made to be more robust and withstand the regular race abuse. I have been using the RS 2306 that I have on one of my fpv freestyle drones for quite a while and I’m really satisfied with their performance.

Getting an EMAX motors is quite a bargain since you get the quality and performance of the more expensive brands for $5-$10 less per motor.

EMAX LS2207 Lite Spec

BrotherHobby Returner R6 2207 and 2306

BrotherHobby Returner R6 motors

BrotherHobby are famous for producing super smooth motors that are surprisingly efficient and powerful in the same time.

Having 6 iterations in a motor development means that this is already proven and established motor design featuring one piece titanium hollow shaft, 7075 Aluminum bell and base, n52 arced magnets and single strand motor wire. One interesting update from the previous series is that these motors use 4x9x4 bigger Japanese NMB bearings that are more durable.

BrotherHobby Returner R6 2207
BrotherHobby Returner R6 2306

Pilot branded best freestyle motors

All the motors in this group are branded by certain pilots and are finely tuned to suit their needs. So you couldn’t go wrong choosing a set of motors from your favorite pilot, be it Mr. Steele, Skitzo, JohnnyFPV, Joshua Bardwell etc. One thing is certain, that these motors have been meticulously tested by the same pilots and you would not lack neither quality nor performance.

Honorable mentions

Xhover XH2207-2500KV Cinematic – intended for those super smooth flowy cinematic shots

Multicopter Builders Primo series – smooth and cinematic, no post stabilization is ever needed. Check some of the videos on the website

Hypetrain Blaster 2207 2450kv series – This is the first motor in the FPV Community to be backed by a partial discount on the replacement motor in case of a motor failure.


If  you know of a fpv freestyle motor that should be on this list, please let me know. If you are motor manufacturer and you have a new motor that you would like to be on this list, I would be glad to get my hands on it and do an honest in detail review.

Clicking on the BangGood links above before making a purchase would help me continue doing this kind of reviews and save you some time when trying to make a buying decision. Thank you!


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