What I Have Been Doing Lately…

Over the past 20 years I have had a privilege to work with some great clients and gain valuable experience in web design, UI/UX design, identity design, web development. Today, I pride myself on providing my clients with guaranteed satisfaction for the projected budget using modern day design and development standards.

Other than that, I am just a regular guy, doing more or less regular freelance projects in order to make a living. Always trying to stand out from the crowd by offering exceptional services to my clients. I’m currently seeking freelance work and would love to hear about your project.
Also, my interests extend on to photography/aerial photography/mapping, multirotor assembly and servicing, FPV freestyle flying, Arduino programming, 3D Printing, IOT and tinkering/fixing things.

What my clients/coworkers say about me and my work

I have been working with Aleksandar since day one on every project that I have been part of. His ability to create a concept, draft sketches, suggest solutions and build a design is very time efficient and fully suitable for the purpose. He is always up-to-date with the latest design waves and front-end tools that any company could find crucial for the success of their business. He’s always been patient with my requests and quick to respond with a solution. I sincerely recommend his skills to any creative and contemporary company.


Aleksandar is and will be the most artistic oriented person i have worked with. His deep knowledge and hands on experience on many many sites, made him a perfect manager of the web department he was running, providing stunning results for the clients. Anyway he become my dear friend and i really appreciate the work he does. I recommend Aleksandar to anybody in need of a good professional ontime eyecandy site. Keep up the good work


From day one, I’ve learned to trust Aleksandar in his knowledge and expertise, so the whole collaboration was extremely easy. Apart from his obvious and extensive UI experience, what impressed me most was his capability of staying calm and proactive during most less-than-ideal situations and pressing deadlines.


Aleksandar is simply a joy to work with. A brilliant designer, great collaborator and innovative thinker. I was always impressed by his awareness of industry trends and developments, and by his ability to solve design problems in refreshing ways.


Aleksandar does a good job for me whenever needed. Always respects deadlines, provides a good values and I plan to work with him in the feature also. I think that whatever I say is not enough to describe what you get from Alek. Anyway, once you give it a shot, be sure you’ll be back for more.

Loving, learning and living?

I love working on:

Web design Frontend / Backend development (custom and open source CMS), Graphical design (identity, posters, illustrations, UI/UX), 3D modeling and animations, 3D printing, Video editing for the web…

The Learning Drive

Have you ever been so much immersed in learning and exploring something new that you even don’t need to sleep? It happens to me from time to time. I have noticed that learning new things is a great life drive force for me.

Living my life

Enjoying life. Spending time with my family and friends. Being closer to nature, hiking, biking, windsurfing…
And also stealing the leftovers of time to go and just fly FPV on my nearest favorite spot.

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You can reach me on [email protected]

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