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T-Motor Toothpick F15

  The T-Motor F15 Toothpick is T-Motor’s take on the toothpick scene. It seems that they just love jumping on the RTF drone hypetrain whenever they have a chance. T-motor F15 Toothpick has all toothpick specifics starting from the TPU canopy, 3mm unibody true X frame, AIO Flight controller with integrated 4in1 ESCs , 110X […]

Best Freestyle Motors for 2020

My blog article regarding the Best freestyle motors for 2019 is one of the most visited for the previous year, I could not have imagined that it would get so popular and help so many fellow pilots make their decision regarding the motors for their next build. This is a followup article regarding the best […]

HOTA D6 PRO Dual Channel Smart Charger

Recently, I have got the HOTA D6 PRO Smart Charger for a review. This one was kindly provided to me by BangGood. Is is also known as Hobbymate D6 PRO and Makerfire D6 PRO. These models are exactly the same, they are just rebranded by different manufacturers. One of the main features of this charger […]