DIY water pump with burshless drone motor

For one of the recent projects that I’m working on, I bought a Flipsky High Current FSESC 200A 60V ES with water cooling.
I have placed an order for a 12V water pump, but since I was anxious to test the ESC, I thought it was a good idea to design and 3D print a small water pump based on a 2307 sized drone brushless motor since I already have some motors and ESCs laying around.

Spare Motor and ESC for the water pump

I have done short research in order to learn the best practices for designing a water pump having in mind to be simple and effective and I have come up with the following solution:

Small DIY 3D printed water pump assembly

Small DIY 3D printed water pump assembly

The whole pump fits on a 20x20cm 3D printer plate and it took me around 40 minutes to print it

Printing the parts for the DIY water pump

I forgot to put support for the output nozzle but happily, it turned out to have just enough wall thickness in order to work properly

Finished 3D printed parts for the DIY water pump

On to the assembly and dry testing

DIY 3D printed water pump without the cover

Here is the whole setup finished and ready for a test:

Finished DIY 3D printed water pump with brushless motor

And finally here is a test video in my bathroom, a bit more powerful than I expected, the test us performed on 30% throttle. It needs up to 50% in order to create enough vacuum to suck the water into the pump but after that, it operates great on 30%.

Not the quietest water pump, but works well for the moment and it will enable me to test the ESC, not worrying about overheating issues.

Here is the Fusion 360 assembly:
And here are the STL files:






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