Photo safari in Ohrid

Our vacation in Ohrid was nearing its end so for the last day I have decided to go on a photo safari and try to take some beautiful photos that represent this pearl of the Balkans in its best light.
The weather was beautiful, and promising for the photo safari.

Famous Ohrid architecture

I have decided to go from the walkway by the Ohrid lake and continue trough the old town.

Ohrid old town

The Epiphany holiday was nearing and the visible signs were all over the city.

St. John Kaneo

When walking trough Ohrid, it is really hard to miss one of its churches.
According to Wikipedia, Ohrid once had 356 churches, one for each day of the year, and has been referred to as a “Jerusalem (of the Balkans)”.

The bridge of wishes

There is always a new angle, a new perspective to take photos at the same spot visited plenty of times. A great possibility to fill your lens with beautiful scenes of the old Ohrid architecture, the lake, the churches…

Photo safari by the Ohrid lake

I knew from the start that this will be a whole day photo safari, and I was counting on that so I can have my lunch in one of the beautiful restaurants on the shore of the Ohrid lake

Potpesh restaurant

Potpesh restaurant – really nice place to have a lunch or a coffee and rest a bit

ending the photo safari on sunset with magnificent landscape photos of the lake and the old town

Ending the day with a spectacular sunset  landscape of the lake and the old town.

Feel free to contact me if you intend to visit Ohrid and need additional info.
If you want to see some more photos that I have taken during my stay in Ohrid, visit my 500px profile or my Facebook page.



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