Runcam Split V1 Latency Fix

There are several factors that may cause the latency on the Runcam split camera, old firmware, using PAL instead of NTSC, using 30 fps instead of 60 fps and in my case I found to be the fullscreen feature in Tv Output that is stretching the output video so it could cover the whole screen on 16:9 ratio screens.

My thoughts were that even this is not a processor power consuming operation it may cause some problems on an already overloaded processor so I decided to disable the fullscreen feature and the audio output altogether aaaaand problem solved. After the initial tests at home I could not see that there is noticeable latency and the camera performance was similar to the average fpv camera, I went on my usual spot went trough 4 batt packs and I couldn’t notice the latency at all. Hope this helps, it improved the latency on my camera.

The problem that remains is the quality of the fpv feed. It is washed out and without details which makes it really hard to fly and less enjoyable this time of the year with all leafless branches around 🙂

Here is a sample video recorded after I fixed the latency issue:

In time I got used to the low quality video in the fpv feed and I really like having a HD recording camera in such form factor on my miniquad.

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