GepRC Mark 4 review

The GepRC Mark 4 is freestyle frame with H arm configuration. GepRC have chosen this type of frame in order to shorten the arm length thus making them more resistant to crashes.

Looking at the frame it clear that GepRC have are up to date with the frame design trends practices. The features like recessed screws, partially sandwiched arms,  rubber grommets for dampening the whole stack and also they are implementing the time researching the design trends and implemented

Judging by the price this one is somewhere in the middle between the most of the brand name freestyle frames and the cheap clones.

It comes in 5”,6” and 7” variants with 5mm arms, 2.5mm top and bottom plates reinforced with two other 2.5mm peaces in the front and the back , 2mm camera plates and it also features a sandwiched arms with a 2.5mm carbon plates providing better stiffness and at the same time leaving plenty of height for the flight stack.

What’s in the box?

The package includes

  • Good quality battery straps with metal buckles (a little bit odd color not fitting the rest of the frame) and GoPro strap
  • A set of 12.9 grade gold plated steel screws, mate titanium colored standoffs made of aluminium 6061, press nuts and plastic screws / bolts
  • Set of four landing foamies that should go under the arms
  • A decent manual
  • Set of hex tools
  • Two battery pads
  • And great quality carbon parts with clean cut edges. The edges on the arms are chamfered and it seems that all carbon parts are pre cleaned so they aren;t leaving carbon dust on your fingers.


Please note that the motor mount holes are 16X16 pattern, and on some older motors you will not be able to screw all four bolts.

The frame is really easy to assemble. Everything fits perfectly and the included hardware is with great quality.
The assembled frame is sturdy, the sandwiched arms are held well without any movement.
This type of  design construction enables you to have relatively slammed looking frame but at the same time have a 25mm stack height available to mount your 30.5×30.5 or 20×20 stack.
The back of the bottom plate also has the same mounting holes, so you have plenty of space to mount all electronic components.


The Build

I have decided to use the GepRC Mark 4 for a 4S build based on Flight One Revolt OSD, T-Motor F45A V2.0  4in1 ESC combined with Brother Hobby Returner R5 2207 2400KV motors.

For FPV purposes I have used Foxeer Predator V4 with AKK FX2 Ultimate Mini video transmitter.

I thought that the GepRC Mark 4 will be a great quadcopter intended for mid range, so I have used one of my r9mm receivers combined with a T shaped antenna for the control link.

Talking about mid range, there is more than enough room on the top plate to use bigger batteries like 4S 1800 mAh or even 4S 2000 – 2200 mAh and you can also consider mounting a GPS antenna either behind the battery or as some fellow pilots by adding a 3D printed part that goes over the back standoffs positions the antenna under better angle.

Although there is a dedicated hole for placing the FPV antenna in the back of the top plate, I didn’t like that solution that exits perpendicular of the top plate and created and printed my own antenna mount that goes over the back standoffs provides some distance between the antenna and the frame and also includes a horizontal mount for the R9MM T shaped antenna. The STL file for this mount along with a simple HD camera mount are available on Thingiverse.

The version on the picture is the first prototype that had smaller hole for the antenna connector so I had to melt the holder in order to fit it. This has been updated on the latest model available on Thingiverse.

I ended up with an overall weight of 580 grams with 1500 mAh 4S battery and boxed RunCam Split camera. Which in my opinion is just enough for my style of flying.


Flight Performance

I’m not sure if it is because this is a new build or because of the frame, but this quadcopter flies extremely well.

This is a video from one of the first packs that I have flown with this build.

There are no vibrations in the video feed and the propwash is non existent. These two things immediately come to my mind after the maiden flight. Also it seems that I’m able to indefinitely slide backwards with no side effects. I reckon this is because of the way the frame cuts the air combined with some of the FlightOne magic.



All in all this is a great frame, with excellent design and high quality components, well worth the 50 bucks for which it retails at the moment.
Based on mine and also the experience of other pilots it is indeed great flyer and something you should consider for your next builds.

I have bought this frame from BangGood

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