Skyzone SKY03 3D New Version Review – provided by Banggood.

This is really nice set of goggles. If you plan to buy them you will get plenty features for your money.

I must admit that the FatShark HDOs have undoubtedly better screens but you will have to spend some more money for the diversity module. Both of them are 4:3 which may not be a popular aspect ratio these days with the increasing number of fpv cameras with 16:9 sensor aspect ratio.
In addition, if you are used on 16:9 like me you may find a bit difficult flying with cropped 4:3 video or with objects that appear taller in case you use the default camera 16:9 aspect ratio.


• Convenient OSD menu that overlays the video and enables you to do a Channel Scan or switch Channel / Band
• Accurate battery indicator visible on the OSD
• Power and fan button
• You don’t have to use separate battery for the googles, any 7-26V lipo with XT60 connector would do the trick.
• Very comfortable to wear
• Very clear screens
• Forward facing camera that could be easily switched on and off


• Strange behavior on 4S. The fan starts to work but the googles did not boot. This is not happening on 3S
• Light leak on the white version
• Although Skyzone has reported that the blurry edges has been fixed in my experience and after consulting few other reviewers it seems that there still are blurry edges but not in extent to the initial Sky03 release. Some users have reported that putting -2 diopters seems to fix this issue because this kind of glass correction slightly shrinks the screens.

If Sky03 are out of your price range then you should check the new upgraded Sky02X and Sky02C for around $270 – $290 which are similar to the Sky03. The biggest difference is the 30 degree field of view and the 16:9 native aspect ratio which is switchable to 4:3.

You can get the SKY03 and SKY02 from the following affiliate links:

SkyZone Sky03 –
SkyZone Sky02C –
Skyzone Sky02X –



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