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Photo safari in Ohrid

Our vacation in Ohrid was nearing its end so for the last day I have decided to go on a photo safari and try to take some beautiful photos that represent this pearl of the Balkans in its best light. The weather was beautiful, and promising for the photo safari. I have decided to go […]

Revisit with my ZMR 250

I have kept my battery packs full, waiting for the right moment to go and fly at the same spot that we have visited few days ago. I have been using ZMR250 and mobius for aerial photography for quite a while. I love the portability of the ZMR250, everything fits in a really small backpack and […]

Ohrid aerial photos – covered with show

The beauties of Ohrid in winter. Since I’m into aerial photography and I already have a big archive of Ohrid aerial photos during all seasons, I have decided to showcase some of the photos that were taken during the last winter. Tsar Samuil’s Fortress- In Byzantine times, Ohrid was a large, important city and cultural center. For […]