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Cheapest DIY electric longboard

Once upon the time, there were two regular longboards, then one of them got bored of being regular and evolved into a DIY electric longboard 😉 I have been riding my DIY electric longboard for three months already and I was planning to write a blog post regarding the build process and parts used since […]

Best Freestyle Motors for the first quarter of 2018?

Update: This article is outdated, please visit https://lll.mk/fpv/best-freestyle-motors-2019/ for an updated list of the best freestyle motors 12 days in the new year and I’m already planning my first freestyle build in the 2018. So I have started doing a research to see what freestyle motors do I have as options if I don’t limit […]

SJ RG01 5.8G 48CH another FatShark Killer?

Edit: There is no logic in the display size, I think that the height is right but the width is overall from both displays, which means that the screen resolution would be 480X240 and that seems right. Thanks for reddit user IronMew for pointing out the 960×240 typo. While checking the new products on BangGood […]

Runcam Split V1 Latency Fix

There are several factors that may cause the latency on the Runcam split camera, old firmware, using PAL instead of NTSC, using 30 fps instead of 60 fps and in my case I found to be the fullscreen feature in Tv Output that is stretching the output video so it could cover the whole screen […]

Racerstar BR2307S 2500KV review

Edit: I have flown these today 12.11.2017, they are smooth and quiet, I have flown 7 packs and it they aren’t even getting warm after 3 minute flight in typical racing conditions with DAL 5046C props. They really open up and show full potential above 60-65% throttle. It seems that these motors have a lot of power […]

iFlight iX5 and Thor Loki carbon frames

Recently I have finished a build based on Omnibus F4 Pro and Racerstar 33A 4in1 ESCs. I have flown it three times and the FC stopped working so I had to replace it and since it was clone I have bought the original Omnibus from a friend. After that I have had some problems with […]