Ohrid aerial photos – covered with show

The beauties of Ohrid in winter. Since I’m into aerial photography and I already have a big archive of Ohrid aerial photos during all seasons, I have decided to showcase some of the photos that were taken during the last winter.

Samoil fortress - Ohrid aerial photos

Tsar Samuil’s Fortress- In Byzantine times, Ohrid was a large, important city and cultural center. For a short time in the early 11th century, it was also the capital of a Slavic empire ruled by Czar Samuel. His fortress, situated on the hill in the center of modern-day Ohrid, crowns the city.

100 meters above Samoil's fortress - - Ohrid aerial photos

A view of Ohrid from 100 metres above the Samoil’s fortress

A view of the amphitheatre and part of the old city - - Ohrid aerial photos

The Ancient theatre of Ohrid of the Hellenistic period is located in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia. It was built in 200 BC and is the only Hellenistic-type theatre in the country as the other three in Scupi, Stobi and Heraklea Lynkestis are from Roman times. Source Wikipedia

The old town seen from "Gorna porta" - Ohrid aerial photos

The old town seen from “Gorna porta”

Above Ohrid riviera - Ohrid aerial photos





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