Racerstar BR2307S 2500KV review

Edit: I have flown these today 12.11.2017, they are smooth and quiet, I have flown 7 packs and it they aren’t even getting warm after 3 minute flight in typical racing conditions with DAL 5046C props. They really open up and show full potential above 60-65% throttle. It seems that these motors have a lot of power and accelerate really fast.

Here is a test video with the first pack

Edit 2: I have been flying these with Dal Cyclone 5046 and I really like the torque they provide on low throttle, they seem to be more than able to work with heavier props. I have found this youtube review with thrust results… and they seem to pull 1400 grams and drawing around 40 amps on 5046C at max throttle.

You are getting what you have paid for. These motors are certainly a bargain for a cheaper builds and also as motors used for training without worrying if you destroy them. I have ordered these as soon as they were available for sale on BangGood. I was worried a bit since there were no reviews, but based on my previous experience with Racerstar motors, I have decided to bite the bullet and order them.


The Racerstar BR2307S 2500KV arrived in regular Racerstar motor paperbox packaging  protected in bubble wrap. There were no extras in the box except for a nylon bag with 4X M3x8 and 4X M3x6 motor screws.

It seems that Racerstar stopped the practice of offering CW and CCW motors and from now on they are only offering CW ones. Anyway in my experience,  the previous models as BR2306S the CCW ones had problems with the build quality.

Overall look and quality

These are very nice looking motors and they look exceptionally good when mounted on a miniquad. The overall build quality seems similar or a bit lower than the one on BR2306S, there are small dents on the bell edge, the anodizing of screw nuts seems like unfinished. Maybe this is due to the fact that this is first series of these motors but it is worth noting. It looks that these motors are painted instead of anodized. There are visible traces on the motor screw nut and at the motor bottom.

_dsc9760 _dsc9756 _dsc9755

One of the things that I have found to be improved is the bearing quality, all 4 motors have decent bearings and no vertical movement on the bell.
The magnets that are used in these motors look like the ones used in BR2306S. They aren’t curved and the air gap has considerable height.
The windings seem to be machine filled with multi-strand wires.


The motor wires are 7cm long which is unfavorable for a builds with 4in1 ESCs where you should put some extra effort in extending the wires.



The motor weight is 37 grams with the wires, probably 34 grams with shorter wires on a normal build with 4 ESCs.

The height is 34mm and the width is 28.5mm

I have yet to test these, and I’m going to install them on one of my KISS builds tonight as soon as I finish this post. They should serve as a replacement for Emax RS2205 2300KV so on paper they should be a considerable improvement. I will update this post with my impressions.

You can buy these motors here



Pros and Cons

Pros: Cheap great looking motors, for budget builds or for race practice. No play in the bell and the bearings are smooth on all 4 motors that I have got.

Cons: Build quality seems similar or a bit lower then previous models. The motor seems painted and not anodized. The motors use C-clip. It would be great improvement to see the similar motors with a screw instead. There is considerable airgap between the magnets and the stator. They seem a bit heavy and the wire length is not suitable for 4in1 ESC builds

Moments from the photo session

_dsc9744 _dsc9774 _dsc9782 _dsc9778

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Racerstar TattooF4S 30A BLHELI_32 4in1 ESC 5V BEC w/ F4 Flight Controller AIO OSD BEC Current Sensor

Finally, the prayers of many fpv pilots were answered, Racerstar has come with an all in one solution that that incorporates F4 flight controller, 4 in 1 ESC with ‎BLHeli_32, OSD and current sensor – TattooF4S

Is is currently in preorder on BangGood and it sells for $75 which is almost equal to the price of buying decent F4 FC and 4 in 1 ESC.


This one seems a super solution for neat light builds and also a much better solution for having current sensor than the one on Omnibus boards.

One of my concerns is that it is rated only up to 30A so you should be careful with the choice of motors and props.

Here are some specs:
BLHELI_32 4in1 30A+F4+OSD
Con.current: 30A
Peak current(10s): 35A
Lipo: 2-4s
Programming: yes

Input: 2-4s lipo
Output voltage: 5V/2A
ICM-MPU6000 Accelerometers and Gyroscopes
MicroUSB socket
Weight: 22g
Size(PCB): 36*36mm

TattooF4S - What's in the package

Package inlcuded:
1* 30A 4in1 ESC built-in F4 flight controller
1* power cable
1* bag of screws


Eachine Chaser88 F3 FPV Racer ARF

Eachine Chaser88 F3 FPV Racer ARF

Yesterday I have posted an announcement from FPV Model that they will soon release the X Racer X1 and although I’m hyped about it there are some readers that would rather fly brushless micro than brushed ones.
It is a known fact that the brushed micros aren’t performing as good as the bigger brushless cousins. Some people find that acceptable and others don’t. On the other side, brushless models are a bit heavier and bulkier but that is compensated with their power.

Eachine Chaser88 F3 FPV Racer ARF
Please be aware that this model is ARF and it comes without a receiver, so you will have to buy it additionally. If you are using FrSky like me you should probably go with the FD800 or FrSky Ultra Light XM. The good thing with this model is that you aren’t limited to FrSky, FlySky and DSM only and you could use almost any receiver.

Another Whoop killer? Let me go trough the specs and sum some experience info that I could gather so you could better decide if this one is good for you.

e346afde-d87e-4f69-ba0f-b6a63efe26a3This is a compact 88mm brushless build that comes with 6A BLHELI-S ESCs that support DSHOT600, 1103 10000KV motors (note that the motors are rated up to 3S but the ESCs support only 1-2S), F3 mini flight controller with BF firmware (this is a customized version and you couldn’t upgrade it with regular BF firmware, you should use this instead), 800TVL CMOS camera with 150° FOV, 25mW 40 channel video transmitter and 2030 triblade propellers. The weight of the whole rig is 66.9 grams and it is not the lightest brushless of its size weighing almost double of the Eachine X73S (31 grams) which is also on discount and I’m planning to review it in future.

The package comes with 450mAh 2S 30C battery weighing 24.2 grams and USB charger

One month has passed since the people started receiving the first Chaser88 orders and as I can see there are plenty of review and flight videos. I have gone trough everyone that I could find and here are my findings so far:

  • By default, there is no uptilt on the camera so if you want to fly more aggressively you will have to come with a solution to tilt it up.
  • It is a bit heavy, around 95 grams with the battery and receiver, but there are ways to make it a bit lighter if you want like losing the led lights on the back and changing the AIO camera with a lighter one like this.
  • There aren’t prop guards and you will probably break some props while flying indoor, so make sure you have a good reserve batch.
  • The default configuration is set to acro mode which is not so good for beginners
  • The PIDs must be adjusted since there are noticable oscilations on lower throttle
  • The buzzer is not loud enough so good luck finding the lost model if it is further than 10-20 meters
  • Enough power for good punchouts
  • Up to three minutes of flight time with the provided battery
  • The battery is only 30C and not 40C as stated
  • The camera and FC are placed on a little rubber spacers that will shield them from vibrations
  • Some owners reported that you may use a 3S battery but it is on your own risk, since the ESC are rated up to 2S
  • Don’t expect a great range of the stock  video transmitter, you will start to loose signal on 20m distance if you try to go behind a tree
  • Nice robust, compact and crash resistant micro quadcopter that is not so good for indoor flying because of the lack of prop guards

There is a great deal on Eachine Chaser88 at the moment on BangGood. The regular price was $120 and they are selling it for $106 at the moment.

Here is a nice indepth review thanks to Drones Visual


Racerstar Star20 4 in 1 ESC

Racerstar Star20 20A Blheli_S 2-4S Detachable 4 In 1 ESC first look


Racerstar Star20 4 in 1 ESC

Racerstar Star20 4 in 1 ESC

Star20 is the newest 4 in 1 ESC from Racerstar that for the first time offers a unique feature, each ESC is detachable.

I saw this item posted on BangGood and it seemed like a nice logical step forward in the 4 in 1 ESC development so I have decided to take a look and share my thoughts.
This is the long awaited feature for all fpv miniquad racers that are flying 4 in 1 ESC combos on their rigs either they want to have a clean build or they have some of the newer airflow optimized frames with thin arms.

I have seen several burned 4 in 1 ESCs and most of the times nobody cares to repair them so you have to throw it in the garbage even if only one FET is burned. They are a bit cheaper than buying 4 regular ESCs but it seems a waste of money throwing three working ESCs when only one is burned.

4 in 1 ESC separatedThis item is on preorder at the moment and looking at the photos, I’m not sure if the ESCs come soldered or separated (they probably packed with shrink tube). Either way, if they are separated it will be required to put a few blobs of solder in order to connect them and there is no delicate soldering required.
I think that this is the first 4 in 1 ESC of its kind and probably more will follow.

At this moment it is few bucks cheaper ($29.99+$0.34)than regular 4 in 1 20A ESC listed on BangGood from the same company.

I’m considering buying one of these since I’m planning a new build based on the X-Foot frame, but maybe I will have to wait for Racerstar to release Star30 30A 4 in 1 ESC in order to use it with some of the new powerhouse motors that are available on the market lately.

Update: It seems that FPV Model is already offering similar product X-Racer Quadrant 25A and it is in stock at the moment. The only downside is that this one is a bit longer so it may partially protrude out of the frame.