FPV Racing Propellers for PROs by Master Airscrew

Are you interested in some PRO propellers for the next season?
Master Airscrew has officially released their RS series of propellers.

From the manufacturer: Combines distinctive bat wing shape with an advanced airfoil design bringing the sweet spot performance and dynamics to every pilot. Compatible with most of the racing motors currently available, the RS propellers are torque forgiving but thrust relentless. 

The RS Propeller Series are designed for FPV drone racing and freestyle acrobatics. The special shape and airfoil are optimized for high speed / high thrust applications, proving these props to be the ultimate FPV drone racing tool.

They are manufactured from the highest quality  GLASS FIBER REINFORCED ENGINEERING POLYAMIDE specially formulated for Master Airscrew. The result – amazingly strong propellers capable of bringing out the best from your hardware.slide1

These babies are produced in California and are factory balanced. One set consists of 4 propellers 2CW, 2CCW

RS FPV RACING - 5X4.5 PROP SET X4 BLACKAt the moment you can buy these from the Master Airscrew website. The are available as 5X4.5 and 6X4.5 starting from $6.29 and $7.29. Available in black, green, orange and white.

If you want more power, there is a BN version they share the same platform as the RS, but are tuned for greater lift and ultimate top speeds. They will squeeze every bit of power from your motors and provide it to you in a tamed and controllable manner.