Emax RS2306 Black Edition 2750KV/2400KV

It seems that Emax is stepping up their game and jumped on the 23xx  bandwagon.
The RS2306 are the newest motors in their product line. They come in 2400KV and 2750KV and are designed for as stated by Emax.
These are available for pre-order here for a $22-$23 price depending on the shipping.

I haven’t yet met a pilot that hasn’t flown the redbottoms, whether that is the older ones 2300/2600 or the newer versions.

As stated by Emax, the RS2306 are designed to set a new standard of power and response for pilots seeking the ultimate in flight performance. With nearly twice the level of thrust of the original Red Bottom, the new RS2306 sets the bar even higher by pushing 2kg of thrust with 5045×3 propeller on 5S or 6045×3 on 4S.

The RS2306 are a continuation of the design that is used on the older RS2205-S.
Lighter bell, hollowed steel shaft, bigger bearings, lower profile, and kept the overall diameter just 0.4mm wider than RS2205-S!


Technical data:
Framework: 12N14P
No. of cells: 3-4S
Propeller: 5 inch
Diameter: 28.3MM
Length: 30.1MM

05197732-bea0-4742-b6d1-78e108c114a51.8mm N48SH Arc magnets (thinner and lighter which allow lower mass on the outer portion of the bell, resulting in faster acceleration. Less energy lost and more power delivered to the propeller).
BEEFY 4mm Hardened and Tempered Hollow Steel Shaft: Breaking shafts are a thing of the past.
0.15mm High Silicon-Steel Laminations: Higher volume of silicon increases electrical resistance in the lamination, reducing eddy-currents within the system (Translates electrical energy into mechanical energy more efficiently.).
High quality 4mm Inner diameter Steel Ball Bearings.

The 2400KV are stated to have 1552 grams of thrust and the 2750KV, 1762 grams on 4S. I’m not sure if I’m to believe these readouts, you could find more realistic data and review on the Miniquad test bench website