Eachine VR-007 Pro

Eachine VR-007 Pro

Eachine VR-007 are one of the cheapest video goggles with built-in video receiver for a price of $49.99 on BangGood currently under restocking. I have seen many of the pilots recommending them to the newcomers into the FPV miniquad racing/freestyle hobby or as the cheapest alternative to the Fatsharks or Skyzones for the pilots that are on a budget.

They are one of the goggles with the smallest form factor, decent video quality, and decent reception.

Today Eachine has announced the upgraded version VR-007 Pro that could be preordered for $39.99 here and it will arrive on 31st of March.

Eachine VR-007 Pro

Here is a short comparison of the VR-007 and VR-007 Pro:

VR-007 VR-007 Pro
Dimension (mm) 148 x 176 x 102 151 x 177 x 103
Weight, batt inc. 280 grams 241 grams
Screen size 4.3 inch 4.3 inch
Screen resolution 480×272 480×272
Battery 1600mah 7.4V 1600mah 3.7V
Battery weight 24 grams 24 grams
Current Consumption 500mA 350-450mA
Video receiver 40CH 5.8GHz 40CH 5.8GHz

So the main differences are that the pro version is a bit lighter (39 grams) and also it has increased size by 1-2 mm.
The Pro version uses 1S battery instead of the 2S on the regular one. It is a bit odd since both batteries have same weight but this seems to be copy-pasted info from the VR-007 product description.
It is also stated that the pro version has “Upgraded receiver, with Power Indicator and Frequency Display” but I will have to wait to get my hands on them to check what exactly this means.

Judging by the initial info that is provided and by the success of the VR-007 this should be a great deal for someone that is planning to purchase cheap goggles with decent quality and I would highly recommend them to any novice pilot.