BLHeli_32 Dshot1200 side by side comparison of the ESCs available on Banggood

After watching Joshua’s video regarding BLHeli_32 I was intrigued to see if there are any available on Banggood and to my surprise, I have found that the bigger manufacturers like RacerStar, Favourite and DYS have already come up with their models based on BLHeli_32 with Dshot1200 support.


I have found 4 models, three of them are 35A and one is 33A. It seems that these are intended for the newer 2206 and 2207 motors that are power hungry.

These are the models that are available at the moment:

Update: The Racer33 is not running the official BLHeli_32 firmware and it is not updatable via the suite, so it is better to avoid this one.

Racerstar Racer33 33A
Con. current: 33A
Peak current(10S): 36A
Lipo: 2-4S
Programming: YES
Size(PCB): 27x15mm
Weight: 9.0g
Favourite FVT LittleBee 35A
Con. current: 35A,
Peak current(10s): 40A
Lipo: 2-4S Lipo
Programming: Yes
Size: 27*15mm.
Weight:8g (include Power and signal wire)
Racerstar TATTO 35A
Con. current: 35A
Peak current(10s): 43A
Lipo: 2-5S
Programming: Yes
Weight: 3g
Size (PCB): 27*16mm
DYS BLHeli_32bit 35A
Con. current: 35A
Lipo: 2-6S Lipo
Weight: 4.32g (without any cables)
Size: 32x15mm

BLHeli_32 is the third generation that runs on  ARM 32bit MCU initially Cortex-M0 running at 48MHz that could run input signals with lower latency at faster rates, you could find more info here.

The next logical step for the manufacturers would be to come up with some 4 in 1 BLHeli_32 ESCs since plenty of the pilots are using them in their super clean builds.