Favourite FVT LittleBee Spring 10A×4 Blheli_S 2-3S ESC

Are 4 in 1 ESCs becoming mainstream?

After a week of posting my first look thoughts on Racerstar Star20 I can see that the manufacturers have already started to adopt the idea of 4 in 1 ESC and various products are popping out on websites like BangGood.

One thing that is interesting is that most of the manufacturers haven’t yet accepted the interchangeable feature that enables the end user to change any burned ESC with ease by swapping 1/4 of the board. At the moment only RacerStar and FPV Model (X-Racer) are offering such feature.

Here are some upcoming 4 in 1 ESC models, two of them are intended for the micro class and one for the mini:


Micro 20x20mm 20A 2-4S 4 In 1 BLHeli_S DSHOT600 ONESHOT FPV Racing Brushless ESC

Micro-20x20mm-20A-2-4S-4-In-1-BLHeli_S-DSHOT600-ONESHOT-FPV-Racing-Brushless-ESCThis model has the EFM8BB21F16G processor and runs on BLHeli_S firmware, works on a continuous current of 4 x 20A and burst current of 4 x 25A for 5 seconds. It has the new-generation 3-in-1 MOSFET driver and it supports up to 4S voltage. This is no BEC version that costs around $28


Favourite FVT LittleBee Spring 10A×4 Blheli_S 2-3S ESC Support Oneshot125 Oneshot42 Mutishot Dshot

Favourite FVT LittleBee Spring 10A×4 Blheli_S 2-3S ESCThis one is intended for the micro FPV quadcopter class. The fact that FVT has joined the 4 in 1 band just adds to the fact that we will be seeing more and more ESC like this in future. Intended for 2-3S voltage and continuous current of 10A, 15A max for 10 seconds, 20 x 20mm mounting holes. It weights 6g and supports Oneshot Mutishot and Dshot. Main IC: EFM8BB21F16F, MCU run 48MHz. The price of this one is around $34. There is also a 4 x 6A version available here


FLYTOWER F3 Spare Part 30A 2-4S BLHeli_S 4 In 1 ESC DSHOT Integrated PDB

94224381-14bf-4bf1-86e6-7602f56c945fThis one features integrated PDB and battery monitoring, it supports up to 4S voltage. Works on 4 x 30A continuous current and 4 X 35A max current for up to 10 seconds. It supports Dshot 600 and weights 10 grams. And all that will cost you around $39


Let me know if you know of any upcoming 4 in 1 ESC so I could add them to this list.